A New Voice

Your Next Mayor

Aretha Simons is one of Orlando’s most talented public servants. When she decided to run for Mayor of one of the world's most largest tourist destinations, she said, “This is bigger than me. I’m running for Mayor so that someone else can live out their dreams. It will be my greatest honor to serve as the City's next Mayor in the city's 143 year old history.''



We need someone who does not have self interest, but is willing to sacrifice getting out of her comfort zone and be bold enough to stand up for people who can’t stand up for themselves. Someone who has served our country during war and peacetime, someone who has served our community during crisis, someone who has taught in the classroom, a grant writer who understands how to obtain federal funding, and someone who is a business owner.

The BEST Thing You Can Ever Do Is


Aretha is a formidable candidate who is ready to lead the fourth-largest city in Florida. Her family’s multi-generational ancestry in the state together with her decades of military service, education, business, and civic service in this city makes Aretha Simons the ideal choice. Donate to her campaign to level the playing field. We need a New Voice - and it begins with YOUR voice being heard. The best thing YOU can ever do is vote for Aretha.

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