Let's Make Orlando

Better Together

Community Health

We need more for-profit businesses to commit to collaboration with small nonprofit organizations to address social issues in Central Florida (homelessness, childhood obesity, mental health, etc). Business can provide financial resources and volunteers who want to help, while the nonprofits have the subject matter experts and the experience reaching those in need.
As Mayor, I will use the knowledge gained as a former grant writer to make certain Orlando accesses all federal funds available to fuel these dynamic partnerships.

Economic Development

For decades, Orlando’s #1 economic driver has been tourism. To remain competitive in the local and global economy, we must increase wages, attract a diverse workforce and provide unique opportunities for businesses to relocate to - and thrive in - Orlando.
We must cultivate a business climate that grows new ideas and supports emerging technology. We must create pathways to careers, not just jobs.

As Mayor, I will focus on opportunities and programs that equip Orlandoans with the skills and technologies to succeed as the workforce of the future.


We see how the United States is going through a crisis which trickles down to the state and local levels. We love the fact that Orlando is a tourist destination but our trust cannot be in – new development, or a new theme park. Our city can only prosper if the PEOPLE prosper. People prosper when they have higher wages, decent health care, jobs, and a place to call home.

As Mayor, ''I would focus on creating pathways to careers, not just jobs. We need to empower the workforce of tomorrow with skills in emerging fields of businesses.''

Public Safety

I support our law enforcement officers and first responders. I spent two years as Military Police on a naval base, guarding civilian families and protecting personal property, military personnel, and nuclear weapons in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. I understand the responsibility to protect and serve; law enforcement has a tough job keeping us safe and they need our support.

As Mayor, my duty is to build public trust. I will work with our community leaders, clergy, law enforcement to make Orlando safer.


Millions visit Orlando every year. Orlando provides world-class entertainment but lacks word-class transportation. Those of us who live here are united by the desire to have a transportation system that serves both our guests and our communities. Instead of linking people to jobs, Lynx’s limited schedule leaves workers without affordable access to better paying late night shifts. Stranded employees create a stagnant economy, and Orlandoans can't afford that.

Orlando can afford more effective and efficient mass transportation because Orlando cannot afford for major companies to pass us by because we lack a mass transportation system.

As Mayor, I will work with local, state and federal leaders to make sure Orlando has the funding to achieve world-class transportation.

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