Quality of Life

-  I'm ready to lead an initiative to become a smarter, greener, more efficient city.

- I'm ready to focus on bringing solutions to the mental health,  childhood obesity, opioid crisis.

- I'm ready to address Public Safety issues and work with our community and Police Officers.

Affordable Housing

 - I'm ready to tackle the housing crisis to house more residents and alleviate homelessness.

- Afforable housing requires higher wages. I'm ready to fight to increase wages in Orlando.


- I'm ready to make sure our transporation will meet the needs of our growing city. 

- Instead of linking people to jobs, Lynx’s limited schedule leaves workers without affordable access to better paying late night shifts. Stranded employees create a stagnant economy, and Orlandoans can't afford that.

Orlando In the news

Affordable Housing

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Transportation Issues

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