Homeless Camp in Orlando

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The city says it has dedicated funding to help the homeless problem. But why is the problem getting worse? ┬áResidents are tired of seeing the homeless from their windows, and it’s a safety issue for anyone to be under a bridge while construction is underway. So how will Orlando fix this issue?

As your next mayor, my first job will to do an audit of how funding for the homeless was actually used, and then set short term and long term solutions including housing for the homeless. I’ve visited some of the homeless men and women under the bridge, and some of them have a social security income but cannot get an apartment. Even if they could get an apartment, because of their mental health issues, I’m afraid they would not be able to keep the apartment. My goal will be to work with local nonprofits who have the capacity to provide housing, transportation to appointments, mental health counseling, and more. I’ve seen it work because I’ve worked at a transitional home before. It will work, if we work on this together, but it will take all of our voices.

Time For A New Voice

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