About aretha


“Service to others is the rent we pay on earth” – Muhummad Ali

I would not trade my time in the military for anything and I would proudly serve my country all over again. The Navy gave me the opportunity to fight so that  others could have freedom, justice, and equality.


“We don’t remember days, we remember moments.” -Cesare Pavese

Even though I am focused on my work everyday helping start nonprofits locally and nationwide, I never forget where I came from.


Quality of Life


As Mayor, my duty is to build public trust. I will work with our community, businesses, clergy, and law enforcement to make Orlando safer. 

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Affordable Housing


United By A Common Goal.  For the past  20 years I have served in the community as a grant writer and Nonprofit Consultant helping nonprofits solve social and economic issues in Central Florida and nationwide.  

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Those of us who live here are united by the desire to have a transportation system that serves both our guests and our communities. 

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